Love Your Work Environment

My office is in desperate need of an overhaul when it comes to the decorations I have (or rather don’t have, I suppose) and the supplies I’m housing in my desk.

You see, I’ve run short on packaging supplies and other office supplies that I’d like to have such as packing tape, manilla envelopes, staples, cardboard boxes, and even sharpies. These are all invaluable items that most people don’t think of renewing their stock on simply because it’s supposed to last for a long time (and so far, it has!).

But like I said, it’s not just the office and packaging supplies I’m in need of in my office.

It’s the stuff that makes my office feel homier that I wish I had more of. You know, the live-in sort of feeling that you love to have in your own home? I could use a coffee table to put in front of my couch. I could definitely use picture frames to hang on my walls (or even tapestries, large maps, or something to fill the barren expanses of my 4 walls). Heck, I’d love to have a desk lamp to complement the standing lamp in the corner of my room.

It’s really not that I need these things in my office so much as it is wanting them to feel more at home and more peaceful within the space that I work.

Let’s take storage, for example. I’d like a bookshelf to house some of my work books and also leisure reading that is overflow from my home. There’s something nice and commonplace about having a bookshelf in whatever room you type in, so why wouldn’t I have some sort of shelf in here with me? I love looking at books even if I’m not reading them.

The bookshelf would also double as a place to put certain decorative things on top of it. Whether it’s seasonal decorations or figurines that I may have collected in the past, bookshelves are great for showing off certain things that make you feel at home.

Finally, I think the biggest thing I’m missing in my office is a better desk. Right now I just have a plastic looking desk that was given to me by the office. I’d rather have something bigger, wooden, and beautiful. If you love the desk at which you complete the bulk of your work, well, you should theoretically have an easier time completing that work.

This all boils down to the concept of being more productive and happier if you enjoy the atmosphere and environment in which you work.


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