Buying Our First Home

Within the next year or so, my fiancee and I will be looking to buy our first home. It’s a daunting prospect to be sure, but I know we’re at the point of moving out of an apartment and into a house. It’s a natural progression for any couple who’ve been together for over a long period of time and know what’s needed next, and we’re not any different.

I’m not certain what our exact budget is or even what style of house we’re set on getting, but I do know that a few amenities of the home are nonnegotiable: a big kitchen with good lighting and an okay-sized backyard for the dog.

The kitchen is the most important to us, though, simply because we cook all the time. We try to cook every single evening and even breakfast on weekends. So, a huge majority of our time is spent in the kitchen with one another, and we’re tired of cooking in our tiny apartment kitchen.

We even want a nice island to have more room to work in the kitchen in case the countertops aren’t enough. It’s no wonder that this is a nonnegotiable for us simply because we spend a lot of our time doing it.

As for the yard, we’d probably prefer one that was fenced in since our dog isn’t great about being off leash. And we’re not even looking for a huge plot of land. I think something that butts up against some trees would be perfect for our own privacy and the sort of home we’re looking for.

I know one thing is for certain, though. Once we do settle on a home and go through with the buying process, we’re absolutely set on packaging supplies and furniture thanks to her father’s furniture store. Pretty much anything we could want or need, he’ll provide for us, and for that I am extremely thankful. And all the packaging supplies? He’s got them. Moving straps. Furniture blankets. Cardboard boxes. Packing tape. It’s all there, and he’s got nice moving trailers for us to use whenever we need them.

I’m pretty dang lucky when it comes to all of that stuff because I have friends who struggle to populate their home with any furniture at all considering how expensive it can end up being. The fact that we have enough hands in her family to help us move, too, is a huge boon.

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